2015 MLS League Prizes:

Grand Prize: $1000 gift card.

Second place: $725 gift card.

Third place: $500 gift card.

4 to 10 place: $200 gift card.

2015 Supporters League Prizes:

One team owner per Supports League will receive a $200 gift card for owning the highest scoring team in each of the 20 Supporters Leagues.

2015 Private League Prizes:

$200 gift card awarded to the highest scoring team owners in leagues with 750 or more unique, eligible players before March 13, 2015 at 7:00PM ET.

General prize rules:

Only one winner per household and only one team per user. A user may only claim a maximum of one prize. If a user is eligible for more than one prize, the winner will be awarded the prize with a higher approximate retail value. If a user is not eligible for a prize, we’ll award it to the next highest scoring user that is eligible.